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Booking an Escort - Independent - Incall - Outcall

Seeking the company of an escort can be something that is a spontaneous decision….in that case we can offer you a team of receptionists who will personally handle your call between 6pm and 6am seven days a week and make all the arrangements for an immediate liaison. Please call us on 0771 475 1335.

For gentlemen who prefer or in fact are able to plan ahead, perhaps the businessman away for a few days with business meetings all day but some lonely evenings ahead of him, or travelers into the region for purely leisure purposes, or indeed residents in the area with a little more time on their hands…..the advance booking system is ideal. Simply complete the online booking form below and we will organise everything for you.

PLEASE NOTE: Kindly do not use the online advance booking system if your proposed appointment is LESS than 24 hours in advance.

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